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Gentle barn

2013-07-17 17:32 #0 av: DivinA

Ni har väl inte missat detta helt underbara initiativ?

"Our Mission:

To rescue, rehabilitate and give sanctuary to abused animals. Through the interaction with our animals people learn reverence for all life."

Man kan "adoptera" eller sponsra ett djur och betala in en summa var månad och följa dess framsteg i rehabiliteringen. Blir gråtfärdig varje gång facebooksidan uppdateras med en ny individ som blivit räddad undan människor som inte bör befatta sig med levande varelser.

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2013-07-17 17:46 #1 av: DivinA

"Annie - Goat
Annie was rescued off the back of a pickup truck on Fathers Day. The back of the truck had a bar-b-q and all the makings of a Fathers Day BBQ feast. When we asked what he was doing with the goat, he said "nothing, she is just a pet." We asked where he was taking her, and he said, "To the BBQ, you do the math." After an arduous negotiation, we were able to get Annie away from him to live out her days at The Gentle Barn.

Because Annie was fed a rich, high protein diet from the time she was born, she developed epiphysitis; an inflammation of growth plates in her knee joints. This happens when a baby animal grows too fast in a short period of time. We tried so hard to reverse the damage done to her but could not. Within 6 months of having Annie, she could not walk at all. So we made her as comfortable as we possibly could on soft bedding, and gave her lots of attention. Our wonderful veterinarian reassured us that she was not in pain and that because she received so much attention from us, she had a good quality of life.

Annie was with us for 4 years teaching children that it is OK to be different, that it is who we are on the inside that counts. Annie never complained, she was kind, gentle and loving to everyone, and was a delight to have around. She was so much more than a BBQ, we miss her so much!"

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2013-07-17 17:50 #2 av: DivinA

"Blue - Horse
The first time we saw Blue she was in a back stall with her head to the wall at a rescue facility in Ojai, Ca. We were giving carrots and apples to the other horses but Blue was not interested. She stood with her head down and her eyes closed. She was the saddest creature we had ever seen.

We were told that she had been a kid's horse and had many homes over the years because kids quickly move on to college, the opposite sex, or just lose interest. But her last 5 years were spent in a pasture with another horse whom she adored. When the little girl who cared for them grew bored she gave them both to a horse rescue. There the other horse found a home and left Blue in the rescue alone and miserable. Because of her age, in her twenties, she probably would not get adopted and would spend her time there at the rescue.

We were haunted by her sadness and the next day made arrangements to have her brought to The Gentle Barn for some cheering up. But no matter how hard we tried, no matter how many carrots we offered her, no mater how long we waited, or how many hours we groomed her, it made no difference. Blue never changed from being despairingly depressed.

Six months later we were told that Blue's lost love had been returned to the rescue. At last! A chance to cheer her up; we had to reunite them, and this time for good. When Blue saw the other horse, Sasha, we could hear violins playing. They whinnied and groomed each other and raced around in joy. It was the very first time we had seen Blue truly alive."

Och folk säger att djur inte kan känna sorg och saknad!!

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2013-07-17 18:15 #3 av: veggie4every1

Ja, visst är det underbartHjärta

Det är det här som behövs Tummen upp

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VäckarklockaIf Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

2013-07-17 18:19 #4 av: DivinA

Det finns massvis med likadana initiativ jorden runt. Varför skulle det vara en omöjlighet med just minkar?

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2013-07-18 21:08 #5 av: Lina Strindlund


Har ni sett ? Hjärta

önskar det fanns i sverige!

Jag har funderat på detta, och tänker att 4H-gårdarna som vi har i sverige, lika gärna skulle kunna vara en sådan djurvänlig, vegansk gård... istället för att de , som nu, mer förknippas med 1800 tals lantliv och centerpartiet...


2013-07-19 01:01 #6 av: DivinA

Åh ska kolla länken. :)

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